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ARORA's Partners

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HITRUST - Authorized Readiness Licensee 

ARORA now offers HITRUST’s most comprehensive suite of security assessments. With the HITRUST bC, i1 and r2 Assessments, organizations demonstrate the highest level of information security, risk and privacy compliance.  Learn more about our HITRUST Readiness License here.

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Drata - Compliance Automation Platform - Audit Partner

Partnering with Drata allows us to support clients by centralizing and automating compliance for ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2. We conduct readiness assessments and internal audits on behalf of Drata's clients. Learn more about Drata here.


Secureframe - Compliance Automation Platform - Audit Partner

Partnering with Secureframe allows our clients to manage multiple compliance frameworks and also have access to supplier assessments. We also can support any security Compliance-as-a-Service, vCISO and audit deployment through this SaaS solution. Learn more about Secureframe here.


Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: DTL) listed Data#3 is our publicly traded client and partner, complementing our suite of services via Managed Services and offering a tailored array of cloud-security applications and experts. Learn more about Data#3 here.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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