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We are focused on empowering people and organizations, for a better world.

Our mission is clear, focused and unending. Security, health and peace for society.

Our Mission

ARORA Solutions is a human-centric auditing and technology company focused on delivering security, health and peace to people and organizations.

Virtual. Human. Solved.

We operate mainly in a virtual setting for cost savings and efficiency for our clients. We are a human-centric organization, with keen attention on our people relationships and individual empowerment, to support our partners grow and succeed. Complex matters are solved with our unique communication style focused on transparency, straight talk, clarity, and ethics.


We tell you how it is, with respect and careful consideration of all the facts.  We engage with you, provide unmatched support, and leave you with top satisfaction and a plan forward.


Moreover, we tell you everything up front, offer clear and professional interpretations, and we do not sugar coat.  We are not here to waste your time.  But rather, we are here to help you continually improve.  ​

Our Purpose

We've worked as humanitarians, Peace Corps volunteers, corporate managers and development consultants. We've learned by going places and doing things.  

This is why we have a different approach to what we do.  To stay true to our mission and purpose, we engage in projects that lead to positive impacts on society, culture and the environment. 

Our purpose and approach are based on four focus areas derived from our mission, which we strive for and utilize in our day-to-day life, business and work:​


ARORA's Focus Areas:


Humans - With ethics, presence, honesty, and open ears

Security - For our data, information, privacy and safety

Health - For mind, body, the whole organism, organization, and the earth


Peace - For the world, assurance, integrity, inclusion, integration, and cultural cohesion

Working together, inclusively, unbiased and for humanity
Steve Cullen's story starting ARORA Solutions from Peace Corps volunteer to business innovator

Our Story

ARORA Solutions was founded by Steve Cullen, a former US Peace Corps Volunteer and business innovator.  Steve had a successful career working for a major US-based Certification body prior to his service.

After extensive volunteer experience with the US Peace Corps over 3 years--in village, NGO and government settings--Steve founded ARORA Solutions Limited in 2016 in the developing nation of Vanuatu, South Pacific.  It began with basic services to support indigenous peoples and organizations with their community capacity development.  Later, ARORA expanded into management systems and technology consulting and auditing in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on technical project and management certification sectors.  Now, ARORA has set up North American operations (ARORA Solutions LLC) in the United States to serve its regional clientele based in the Americas and Europe. 

Current engagements involve virtual and global audit deployment in the manufacturing and information security management sectors. Our security, quality assurance and risk management expertise is utilized for audit, inspection and reporting to third party agencies for the purposes of privacy, human health, safety and intellectual property protection of global consumers and organizations.  Current global engagements are in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & Vietnam. 

Volunteers at Heart.

Pro-bono Assistance: We have long been engaged in efforts in the country of Vanuatu to improve telecommunications, education and health service delivery.  Often, we assist village organizations and community members with training, personal development and access to health services.

ARORA has taken on a team of of select individuals--humanitarians at heart--who maintain a life driven by purpose, motivated to support individuals and organizations to achieve their goals.  Feel free to contact us if you embody these ideals are interested in being a part of our growing team of experts. 

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